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Shenzhen Dowis Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of electronic transformers, inductors and filters integrating R&D, production.


Shenzhen Deweisi Electronics Co., Ltd. was established on November 19, 2008


High frequency switching power transformer type we produce: PQ/ EI/ EE/ EF/ ERL/ ETD/ EFD/ RM and other customized.

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Our team has 480-500 Employees. The team members have many years of industry experience, deep technical accumulation and richness


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company news
china latest news about Feature of Different Transformer
On May 20, 2021
EE Transformer applied in the switching power supply,main power transformer EF Transformer applied in the switching power supply,main power transformer EFD Transformer Auxiliary powr transformer,main power transformer,choke coils EPC Transformer Auxiliary powr transformer,main power transformer PQ ...
china latest news about High Frequency Transformer Features
On May 10, 2021
1. Low profile. 2. Low D.C. resistance and large permissible D.C. current. 3. Little co-planarity due to special design of construction. 4. Wire burst resistant due to special construction. 5. This can be surface mount assembly and reflow soldering is also possible. 6. Available for mounting machine ...
china latest news about Transformer Application
On December 23, 2020
high frequency transformer is often used in mobile phone chargers, DC-DC converters, drive transformers, adapters, power supplies, etc. Transformers are more efficient at higher frequencies. They are widely applicable to personal electronics, electric car, energy conversion, and tec.
china latest news about Our advantages
On April 7, 2021
1.High quality and Competitive price 2.Excellent after-sale service 3.High-temperature resistant 5.High efficiency of over 95% 6. Working frequency range 20kHZ-500kHZ 7.High isolation strength 8. Lower profile and weight 9. high power density 10. Operating temperature -40℃to+125℃ 11.Custom designs ...